Thursday, October 16

The Post you have all been waiting for....

He's out.

He signed the lease on his ridiculously expensive apartment and spent the there night last night.

I got a call from him about 10:30pm, and it went something like this:

T: I got in and everything looks great. They got my accent wall painted a nice rust red color. You'll really like it. You and the kids will have to come up this weekend and I'll give you the tour.

Me: That's great.

T: Chloe's room is huge. She has her own bathroom and a big closet.

Me: That's great.

T: I haven't really unpacked much, cause I don't have any furniture yet.

Me: I know. Did you get you air mattress set up?

T: *long pause* It's a camping mattress.

Me: I know. You told me that. It came with an air pump right? You can use that to inflate it.

T: *yet another long pause* The air pump has to charge for 12 hours before it will work.

Me: *long pause to stifle laughter* So, you can't inflate the mattress?

T: No, not until tomorrow morning.

Me: Well, they say that the floor is good for your back.

Can I get a Karma Whoop Whoop?

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Old Man Casey said...

so, i laughed reading this again.we should start blogging again