Thursday, January 26

Hot Soup!

Today I played an important role at work. The kind of 'behind the scene' supporting job.

I was the soup bitch.

I'll explain. I work at a well known restraunt chain that serves sammies, soup and salad. Our soup heating unit is, shall we say, fucked. That leaves me to find creative and sanitary ways to heat your soup. Let me also note that small quanties of soup heat much faster than gallons of soup. The bitch of the whole thing is the running back and forth with four cups of hot soup, from back of house to the line. I estimate that I made no less that 200 trips. No kidding. So hope you enjoyed your tomato soup. And I do really like the phrase 'freedom' onion. Rather than french onion, not due to any kind of political slur, just cause it throws my suburban housewife clientele into a dither. A soup bitch has to get her kicks someplace.

Thursday, January 19

Lets play catch-up

Here is the skinny on Flea's blog. I've been on a little hiatus. I'll break it down nice and quick so we can move on to the good stuff. Past three years in a nutshell and in partialy correct order:

1. Shitty marriage imlpoded.
2. Divorce took forever.
3. Had job drama.
4. Met awesome new man. Nick. Did I mention the awesome bit?
5. Dropped my basket for a little while. Nick stuck around.
6. Nick asked me to marry him. Scary! And exciting! And I said yes!
7. Hilarity ensues.


Here we are. I'm all a-flutter over the goodness of this man. He treats my children with love and kindness and treasures them as if they were his own. My daddy loves him. Hear that internet? Daddy thinks Nick hung the moon. I've gotten a job that I enjoy a fair amount of the time and my ex-es are on the tolerable side as of right now; although this fluxuates.

Right now, I'm not too bad.

Saturday, January 14

ta da!

I'm back. I now have a phone that is smarter than me and allows me acsess to the world wide webs. Woot! Now on to the snarky comments. So, this morning, I farted in bed and I swear to sweet baby jebus it sounded like Donald Duck saying "Obama".