Sunday, October 12

I have discovered these things:

I really am bothered by anklets under pantyhose.

I prefer pants that require no button or zipper to pull down. I will wear jeans, but they have to be able to slip off.

The Dirt Mall is the best place ever. I could have bought a used set of tires, a Chinese umbrella and a Pomeranian puppy all in the same place. I would not, however, buy the eye-color-changing-contacts (only 15 bucks!) or the pseudo-gold and diamond-esque 'Grillz' ala Flavor Flav (also.... you guessed it, 15 bucks!). I draw the line with things that go into my body. That included the food. No Dirt Mall food.

I am trying to trudge thru The Mists of Avalon. Somebody lied to me. Yeah, it's technically good, I like the different viewpoint, but jeez. It is taking me forever. I read books like they are on fire and my eyes shoot water but this little fucker has me almost dreading to crack it open. It's been downgraded to a bathroom reader. I've got to finish the Twilight books instead before the damn movie comes out.

Here's a gratuitous boob/cake shot. I made it for Kelly's bachelorette party. I love the little boobie chocolates. Multicultural. I'm an equal opportunity boob aficionado.


The Barreness said...

" equal opportunity boob aficionado."


You're also one of the coolest chicks I've read recently. I shall blogroll you immediately.


There. It's done.

I even think your attitude toward your kids is awesome (and trust me...from me, that's saying something).

Virtual smooches on selected pink parts. (The saying is really more general than that: "kisses on your pink parts", but i consider that slightly creepy, particularly as we're strangers.)


Flea said...

Anklets under pantyhose should carry a mandatory minimum jail term.

Thank you for bringing the Internet's attention to this very ugly issue.


Another Flea.