Wednesday, October 8

Oh Horror!

Conversation with Nate:

N- Dad got a Webkinz bat! Guess what he named it!

Me- (totally distracted with reading) I have no idea. Tell me.

N- Lovecraft. What does Lovecraft mean?

Me (putting down book) What? He named it Lovecraft? Really? HP Lovecraft was a famous author who wrote some really great horror stories about bizarre monsters. Call of Chthulu, At the Mountains of Madness, Dream Quest of the Unknown Kadath; These are great! (In my head, I'm trying to remember how old I was when I read these. 13? 12? Is he old enough to dive into bizarro horror or will I fuck him up forever and make him into a lil' serial killer?)

N- HP Lovecraft? HP? His name was HP?

Me- Yep.

N- I bet it was short for 'hit points'.

best.nerd baby.evehYeah. He's getting the box set for Yule.

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JellyJo said...

You need to let him watch "Call of Cthulu in Mythoscope." It's fantastic, and done like an old black and white movie with a stop-action Cthulu. It gets the story across, but isn't too terrifying for his age.

I could rent it and bring it over, and we can make a night of it!